Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spider and Spider Lightning

Yesterday was another tailgating day in The Grove, and our friend Meagan (who also happens to be the assistant in Miles' kindergarten class!) took him along with her two girls to listen to the band and then get their faces painted. Miles has never had his face painted, and until recently he really wasn't interested, but when he realized he could get a spider on there...well, that changed everything. He chose a spiderweb and spider, had that painted on in the morning, and didn't want it taken off until bath time. Actually, he would have left it on overnight, but that wasn't happening. So I made sure to take a photo as soon as we were home to keep it for always.

Speaking of spiders, did anyone here in Oxford see the awesome spider lightning tonight? I was driving Miles home, he playing a game on the iPod and missing it all, so when we got home I grabbed my camera and we stood out in the driveway watching the sky. Miles would tell me he was scared, but liked seeing the sky light up with different colors. I got a few decent shots, not what I really wanted, but still some cool stuff. I don't think watching a lightning storm will ever get old to me.

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