Friday, August 29, 2008

Free food? Check. Fun? Check. Tired much? Check.

Is it Friday? Yes, it's Friday, woohoo! It has been a long and busy week. But good. But busy. And long. Did I mention it was busy?

What an awesome turnout we have had for our activities this first week of school! None of us have ever seen anything like it. So many new faces! Monday evening we were stationed near one of the dorms with loads of free pizza, but apparently it was not enough because we had to order 15 more pizzas!

Tuesday evening was a free cookout at our student center, followed by ultimate frisbee at the nearby walk park. I don't know that our group has ever played a game of ultimate frisbee with about 24 people running around the field, but it was pretty chaotic -- especially when you have only just met half of your teammates and are trying to remember who they are to throw the frisbee to them. After the first game we wised up a little and split up into two different games. It was so much fun, but was I ever worn out.

Wednesday evening we had a free meal -- soup and sandwiches, yum -- followed by our Bible study and then free ice cream. I was really starting to feel the craziness of the week at this point, and Miles too. We've been toting him around in the car all week, but he likes the students and is remembering names really well.

Last night was our 'free coffee and game night' -- not a huge turnout but we did see some new faces there. Before the guys got into their ping pong game we had a great time playing Catch Phrase -- and Shellie, I thought of the old days and how much fun we used to have playing at your house ("The fabric of our lives!"). Ah yes, good times.

Tonight...well, tonight is pizza and Guitar Hero Tournament night. I don't know how many have signed up, but I think it's more than participated over the summer. I signed up, but I won't win by any means. There are guys who play this thing and get 400-note streaks on the expert level. Yeah, that won't be me. Still, it will be a lot of fun...but I must reiterate: It's Friday, woohoo!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finger-lickin' fun

We had our big 'Welcome Back Dinner' for all the students this past Sunday evening for which, in Casey's words, "many chickens had given their lives." On the way there we had to head to KFC to pick up our contributory bucket, and as we were driving in Casey's apprentice and his family were just leaving. Lendy -- the apprentice -- leaned out his window and yelled good-naturedly, "Way to be original, brother!"

Casey quickly shot back, "Extra crispy!"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbye, Friday...Hello, Students!

This will be our last quiet Friday for a few months -- until the holidays, I guess. School starts on Monday, but things will really begin tomorrow at our student center with a dessert get-together. Last year we held this get-together in our home and had more show up than we thought, so it was pretty packed. We love having students come over, but we also want them to be able to breathe.

School starting up again can hit a nerve with me, but it lessens each year. Casey is beginning his fifth full year of campus ministry, and I am so glad we are farther away from that first year, when I hardly knew anyone and hardly knew what I should be doing as a campus minister's wife. When I say it 'hits a nerve' I mostly just mean that I get a little anxious. This is such an enormously busy time for Casey, because in ministry your job is never a 9 to 5 thing (picture getting calls before 8 a.m. on Christmas morning).

So I know what to expect, for the most part. I know that, although Casey is able to be at home later in the mornings and has Thursdays off, his after-worship time is spent talking to many a student, and most evenings of the week are penciled in with one thing or another. It may not seem like I should have much to adjust to, but Casey is a very hands-on dad. He and I share the responsibilities in a big way, even more during the summer months, and so when that changes a bit in the fall I definitely notice the difference.

Now, the important question: would I change what Casey does to have a more 'normal' life and schedule throughout the year? Never. When Casey finished grad school, he and I both thought he would be headed for associate ministry and/or pulpit ministry. But when he took this job and became a campus minister and I saw him at work with the students, I knew this was where he needed to be. He loves the students and I love the students. We miss them when they leave for the summer and when they graduate -- we even have them over to watch Lost and The Office on Thursday nights (and now probably Heroes on Mondays).

Maybe that anxiousness I feel is not so much anxiety after all.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wanting to waste my money

How cool are these fishbowl bookends? Found here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Day

Happy Birthday, Trace Talks! My blog is four years old today -- which in some ways is hard to believe, but in other ways...not so much. There are so many times I've gone to bed with a thought in my mind about blogging on a certain idea, or something happens during the day and I'll think, 'That would make a great post!' These days I'm doing well if I can tell you what happened yesterday. Nevertheless, it has been a fun four years and I hope to continue for quite a while.

Here's the reason I don't keep up with the blog as much anymore...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zimbabwe in Beijing

I have to say, it was pretty neat seeing the Zimbabwe athletes in the opening ceremonies. There were only 13 of them, but they looked so happy to be there -- okay, I guess all the athletes pretty much looked that way. It's just always interesting to see things about my home country and wonder what life would have been like were I still there (although we would probably be in South Africa rather than Zimbabwe now). And as the athletes were walking by, Bob Costas was saying that Robert Mugabe had planned on being in Beijing, but got as far as Hong Kong and was told by Chinese officials that he should not go any further. Interesting.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Remembering Brian

I've talked about anniversaries here lately. Today is another one, although one that is still hard to believe and comprehend. A year ago, our good friend Brian died. He was beyond witty and intelligent, and inspired so many to do better and to be better. Many from his cycling group are riding in his honor today, which I think is so awesome. We will always think of Brian and remember him. It will be wonderful to meet him again someday. We miss you, Brian!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Late to bed, early to rise

I've talked before about Miles walking out of his bedroom and into mine when he's supposed to be napping, and what a strange sight that is to see. It's only that because Miles does so well at staying in his room -- and his bed even -- until we come to get him after his nap or in the morning.

Imagine mine and Casey's surprise when we saw our rumple-haired little boy walk into our bedroom at 10:15 p.m. last night! He was blinking and smiling, giving his usual 'Hi Mama!' greeting as he walked in. I was shocked, of course, and he saw that and stopped smiling because I suppose he didn't understand. But he was just too adorable in that moment, and both Casey and I were just laughing and hugging and kissing him as he sat on my lap quietly, probably wondering at our wondering.

Casey took him back to bed soon after, and of course we assumed that this meant he might not be awake by his usual time. And guess what? We were right! Only he was up even earlier, and was at our bedside waking us up, patting first me and then Casey as he tiptoed around the bed.

Let me tell you, that kid took one good nap this afternoon!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Watered down

For the past two nights, I have had dreams about water. Not just water in a tub, cup, pool or anything small like that. I'm talking big water that goes on and on. The first night, it was very calm water, but there were people in it. The dream is really fuzzy now as dreams tend to be. Last night the water was far from calm, and there were boats. They were docked, sort of, at this big scaffolding-looking structure. Oh, and there were big bleachers there by the water! There were definitely people I knew there, in the first and second dream. The first dream involved more people from my past, the second involved people that I tend to see on a weekly basis. I was so curious that I Googled something like 'water in dreams' and everything I read said that dreams about water tend to represent your emotional state. So...I'm mostly more confused after reading that, but still very interested. Anybody want to take a crack at interpreting for me?
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