Friday, August 29, 2008

Free food? Check. Fun? Check. Tired much? Check.

Is it Friday? Yes, it's Friday, woohoo! It has been a long and busy week. But good. But busy. And long. Did I mention it was busy?

What an awesome turnout we have had for our activities this first week of school! None of us have ever seen anything like it. So many new faces! Monday evening we were stationed near one of the dorms with loads of free pizza, but apparently it was not enough because we had to order 15 more pizzas!

Tuesday evening was a free cookout at our student center, followed by ultimate frisbee at the nearby walk park. I don't know that our group has ever played a game of ultimate frisbee with about 24 people running around the field, but it was pretty chaotic -- especially when you have only just met half of your teammates and are trying to remember who they are to throw the frisbee to them. After the first game we wised up a little and split up into two different games. It was so much fun, but was I ever worn out.

Wednesday evening we had a free meal -- soup and sandwiches, yum -- followed by our Bible study and then free ice cream. I was really starting to feel the craziness of the week at this point, and Miles too. We've been toting him around in the car all week, but he likes the students and is remembering names really well.

Last night was our 'free coffee and game night' -- not a huge turnout but we did see some new faces there. Before the guys got into their ping pong game we had a great time playing Catch Phrase -- and Shellie, I thought of the old days and how much fun we used to have playing at your house ("The fabric of our lives!"). Ah yes, good times.

Tonight...well, tonight is pizza and Guitar Hero Tournament night. I don't know how many have signed up, but I think it's more than participated over the summer. I signed up, but I won't win by any means. There are guys who play this thing and get 400-note streaks on the expert level. Yeah, that won't be me. Still, it will be a lot of fun...but I must reiterate: It's Friday, woohoo!


Shellie said...

I know...I know... Cotton! Fun times!! To this day I think of the gang when someone says "respite"

tracey said...

Casey and I laugh every time we hear the word 'respite' as well. So funny how those tiny things can take us back. Thanks for all the fun, Shell.

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