Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun Friday Question!

What is your favorite summer vacation memory from your childhood?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

It's incredible. But only watch it if you really feel like crying today!

What's your cardboard testimony?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few things Miles says most often these days

"Come on!" or other variations like "Come on, Mama/Daddy/Junies!" Last night it was, "Come on, med-sun!" when he wanted medicine on his foot (for a bug bite).

"It's bee!" or "It's hair-pain (airplane)!"

"Sit here!" or "Sit down right here!" while patting the spot where he wants you to sit.

"Hi Mama!" or "Hi Daddy!" pretty much when he hasn't seen us for more than a minute or so.

"Kiss boo-boo." This is either when he has a boo-boo for us to kiss, or when he notices a boo-boo that we have and he is about to kiss it for us. This includes the one on my knee that I got from the big rollerblading accident last fall, and he's kissed this one many times. Never gets old.

"Water? Splash? Splish-splash?" This is what he says when he wants to play in his little pool in the backyard...which is pretty much any time of the day. 'Miles enjoys splashing' would be an understatement.

"Poop!" That's just a funny word to him, and he'll say it over and over and laugh. It is a funny word, though, I must admit.

"Hold you!" When Miles first started saying this quite a while ago, it sounded like 'adieu' and I had no idea what he was saying. Finally, I put it together and realized that he was just mimicking us saying, "Do you want me to hold you?"

"It's ouch." He'll say this after he's hurt me (accidentally) and I say 'Ouch!' I don't know yet if he gets that he's really hurting me. The kid doesn't know his own strength.

The other night Case and I were getting Miles ready for bed, and Miles was being very good and doing everything his Daddy told him to do. Casey told him, "You're a good boy!" and Miles answered without hesitation: "Too good!"

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Friday Question!

Which do you like more:
Hershey's or Nestle TollHouse chocolate chip cookies?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is The Happening a happening film?

After we saw M. Night Shyamalan's new film The Happening on Friday night...well, I had about a dozen different things I wanted to say about it. His films make me think more than most others, but I will say this: I don't know if you will really, really like this film unless you are an M. Night fan. Case and I have been fans from the beginning, and we each have our favorite movies for our own reasons. We tend to get pretty pumped about a new M. Night film coming out. This one...was just different, and after reading his synopsis on the film at his website, things are at least a little more clear.

But for some reason, I get so bugged when people see one of his films and completely dismiss it before they think. There always seem to be crowds of high-schoolers walking around afterward saying, "Well, I just don't get it. There was no point." Why do I care? I don't know, but I do, and it bugs me that people want to put his films into some box. Casey has said it more than once, but he is most likely a filmmaker like Alfred Hitchcock, whose films won't be more fully appreciated until about fifty years from now.

I am not one to give spoilers at all, but if you are extra-cautious in that way then I guess don't read any further. Some themes I saw in the movie, whether he intended them or not: fear versus love (that was a big one in my mind), anti-war...maybe some environmental issues? And I can deal with some things in movies, but wow, there was some stuff where I had to turn away or hide my eyes a bit. And there was also a scene that I knew would keep me up that night. And it did. Lots of adrenaline pumping through my heart...

This won't be my 'new favorite' of his films. I think The Village still wins out, although Lady in the Water was excellent and gets better every time I see it. Casey wasn't all that happy that the score (by James Newton Howard) wasn't up to par like usual, but he is now determined that he needs to see it again in the theater. That's a big deal, because we don't normally see many movies out...and we're going to see one of them twice? Okay by me!

If anyone else has seen it, feel free to share your thoughts! And no, it won't bug me if all you have to say is, "I just don't get it." I've already heard it enough anyway, so what's one more?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun Friday Question!

Do you have all the friends you need/want, or do you still like
the idea of making new friends?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Come on!

There's an unfortunate thing that happens when you have a small child, and that is that they begin to bring out and use the phrases that you as a parent use most on a daily basis. I suppose for those who find themselves cursing from time to time will find their child(ren) using curse words. Not a good thing, people!

Fortunately, Casey and I don't use bad language, but we do say some of the same things over many times. It's just that we don't tend to realize it until Miles starts saying it over...and over...and over. The latest phrase is, "Come on!" but it sounds really funny when Miles says it, and especially when he combines it with our names. For example, last night he was in the tub and I stepped away to get his towel and to throw out his diaper. Right before I walked back into the bathroom I heard, "Come on, Mama!"

This morning, Miles came to me, lifted his foot off the ground toward me and said, "My toes! My toes!" and then, "Come on, toes!" Even after inspecting his little piggies, I'm still not entirely sure there was something wrong with them, or just why they should 'come on!' What I knew for sure is that I would soon be blogging about it.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I Thee Wed

At this time six years ago, I was about five minutes away from walking down an aisle to stand next to Casey and make a vow to stay with him for as long as I live. I can still go back to that beautiful June day in my mind and feel those same feelings of nervousness and excitement, but mostly what I was feeling was how completely ready I was to be his wife.

Thanks, Case, for everything you are and for all that you do. Happy Anniversary!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Fun Friday Question!

What is your greatest wish for this year?

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Today I was sent this story about Sanya Richards, a sprinter in Texas who is a favorite at the Summer Olympics in Beijing. I love those stories with heart, the ones about those who have to overcome. I've always loved those stories, but this one hit me hard because Sanya Richards suffers from the same rare immune disorder as myself: Behcet's Syndrome (or Disease). She spent six months last year wondering what was wrong with her, and talked about how scary it was not knowing what was wrong with her body. I am no Olympic athlete, but at the time I was waiting on a diagnosis from my own doctor six years ago, I was very active, rollerblading almost every day. I had moments of wondering if my body was going to become crippled or if my joints would always be so painful. It was a pretty scary time, and I could totally relate to Sanya's own fear in that story. These types of diseases/disorders are their worst at the beginning, which is where she is. I can't even imagine what the stress of training for the Olympics must do to her, but she must be extremely strong mentally and emotionally. It's funny, but of all the Summer Olympic sports, track is usually my least watched. Now I will be watching Sanya Richards, and cheering her on to get that gold medal.
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