Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few things Miles says most often these days

"Come on!" or other variations like "Come on, Mama/Daddy/Junies!" Last night it was, "Come on, med-sun!" when he wanted medicine on his foot (for a bug bite).

"It's bee!" or "It's hair-pain (airplane)!"

"Sit here!" or "Sit down right here!" while patting the spot where he wants you to sit.

"Hi Mama!" or "Hi Daddy!" pretty much when he hasn't seen us for more than a minute or so.

"Kiss boo-boo." This is either when he has a boo-boo for us to kiss, or when he notices a boo-boo that we have and he is about to kiss it for us. This includes the one on my knee that I got from the big rollerblading accident last fall, and he's kissed this one many times. Never gets old.

"Water? Splash? Splish-splash?" This is what he says when he wants to play in his little pool in the backyard...which is pretty much any time of the day. 'Miles enjoys splashing' would be an understatement.

"Poop!" That's just a funny word to him, and he'll say it over and over and laugh. It is a funny word, though, I must admit.

"Hold you!" When Miles first started saying this quite a while ago, it sounded like 'adieu' and I had no idea what he was saying. Finally, I put it together and realized that he was just mimicking us saying, "Do you want me to hold you?"

"It's ouch." He'll say this after he's hurt me (accidentally) and I say 'Ouch!' I don't know yet if he gets that he's really hurting me. The kid doesn't know his own strength.

The other night Case and I were getting Miles ready for bed, and Miles was being very good and doing everything his Daddy told him to do. Casey told him, "You're a good boy!" and Miles answered without hesitation: "Too good!"


Sarah said...

That's too good, Tracey! :D He is a funny cute boy!

James said...

Miles rocks. That is all.

tracey said...

Thanks Sarah! =)

Thanks James...yes, I believe he does rock. =)

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