Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Come on!

There's an unfortunate thing that happens when you have a small child, and that is that they begin to bring out and use the phrases that you as a parent use most on a daily basis. I suppose for those who find themselves cursing from time to time will find their child(ren) using curse words. Not a good thing, people!

Fortunately, Casey and I don't use bad language, but we do say some of the same things over many times. It's just that we don't tend to realize it until Miles starts saying it over...and over...and over. The latest phrase is, "Come on!" but it sounds really funny when Miles says it, and especially when he combines it with our names. For example, last night he was in the tub and I stepped away to get his towel and to throw out his diaper. Right before I walked back into the bathroom I heard, "Come on, Mama!"

This morning, Miles came to me, lifted his foot off the ground toward me and said, "My toes! My toes!" and then, "Come on, toes!" Even after inspecting his little piggies, I'm still not entirely sure there was something wrong with them, or just why they should 'come on!' What I knew for sure is that I would soon be blogging about it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is too precious. I love it! Joy

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