Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Miles and 'Peek'

Last week was quite the whirlwind of activity...and yes, I did take part in the Guitar Hero Tournament. No, I did not win (weren't you reading the last post?), but I did enjoy the double elimination that took place in front of everyone. Oh yes...losing is always such a pleasure.

This week has been more about being as inviting as we can and going to the students -- that included giving away free coffee from our coffeehouse yesterday morning near one of the dorms. I love the excitement in the campus ministry, especially at the start of every new school year, and I am so proud of Casey and Lendy and our student leaders -- all of our students, really -- for what they put into everything they do and the attitude they have in doing that work.

Miles and I are joining in on most of the activities, and I am always grateful that the students don't mind us being 'in the way' at times. It is really sweet when Miles starts recognizing students and calling them by name. Last night we continued our weekly ultimate frisbee-ing (yes, even in the rain, that's how much we enjoy it!), and I was cheering on my team from the sidelines (Casey and I were trading out every goal so one of us could watch Miles). One of our students, Jonathan, was doing well and so I was yelling and clapping for him but most of us call him by his last name, which I was doing at the time. And if you haven't noticed, I make a point to not give out last names on my blog -- just my own personal preference. Anyway, Miles heard me saying Jonathan's last name as I was yelling and cheering and clapping, and he joins in clapping as well, but instead of calling out the name says, "Yay, Peek! Good job!"

Now, 'Peep' happens to be a morning show I tape for Miles. It's the cutest show about a little bird, duck and chicken. I don't know why, but no matter how many times I've pronounced the word, Miles calls it 'Peek.' And Jonathan's last name has
two syllables in it, but I guess part of it sounds like 'peep' and so that's what he was his own way, of course.

Another thing that just cracks me up about Miles these days -- well, it more touches my heart than cracks me up, but I do laugh -- is that he encourages Casey and I because he has heard us encouraging him. When we finish a task, even something as simple as throwing a piece of trash away, Miles will tell us, "Good job, Mama!" or "Good job, Daddy! We did it!" And he tells us 'thanks' for just about everything. Now, I am still working on him telling other people 'thank you' without my prompting -- that still needs to be learned in him -- but for the simplest things he will almost always say, "Thanks, Mama!" But he says it in such a matter-of-fact, grown-up way that it is just too funny.

It certainly can light up any part of my day, just to hear my two-year-old thank me for unbuckling him from his car seat.

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Jenece said...

Awe how sweet! What a quick learner! Very good!

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