Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm running out of material. Deal with it.

I realize I am behind on posting, and I know you may not believe it, but I've written some brilliant posts in my head over the past week. There was something Olympic-related (maybe I'll still get to that later), then something about my issue with people entering their children into pageants to win cash and cars...what else? Oh, probably something about the environment. Okay, not really. Just trying to sound in the know.

What I do have for you is another story about -- you guessed it -- Miles. Do I care if you're tired of reading stories about my kid? Maybe, maybe not. Okay, maybe I do.

But I'm still going to tell the story.

I had put Miles down for bed the other night -- Casey was out later than usual doing campus minister things -- only Miles wasn't going to sleep. For some reason he was awake, and he was alert. He was also talking loud enough for me to hear him down the hall, and eventually I just had to sneak down there to listen through the door. Now, Miles has some special friends he keeps in bed with him, and I believe they are all Winnie-the-Pooh characters. There is more than one Winnie-the-Pooh in there for sure, but I think there is also a Piglet, an Eeyore (Miles used to call him 'Orey') and a Tigger.

So I tiptoed up to the door and leaned in, trying to listen to what Miles was saying -- and who he was saying it to. I quickly gathered that he was making conversation with these friends of his, and some of it went like this:

"Hi Pooh! How doin'?"

"Wanna bwush teef? Yes, we did it! We bwushed teef!"

There was some other stuff in there, but it got a little garbled and went on for a while, but I held on to that part of it so I could share with Casey when he got home. I told him that it's just so funny, but I guess when you're two years old you only have so much going on in your life that you can reenact or share with your friends, whether imaginary or stuffed.


andrea said...

I'm quickly learning that when you have a kid, you never run out of material! I love the Miles' stories! They grow way too fast and you just have to remember every precious and sweet thing they do! Thanks for sharing!!

Syndi said...

I do that all the time too-thinking "I should blog about that" but I don't usually get to. I agree with Andrea, kid stories are always cute. I love the innocence of 2 year old conversations. Elena's usually consist of "Daddy, noooo. Where's my daddy? Get up here, hurry." I can't remember them right now, but sometimes it gets into dramatic rescue mode where one naked barbie doll has to be saved by the naked boy doll and their naked kid falls off the couch or something!

Jenece said...

Hey there, I'm a Behcets sufferer too and I found you on Sanya Richards website. I too have a website trying to educate my family, friends and others about Behects. Please visit me.

Jenece said...

Much to my defense about the whole "Parents and Pagent Statement": I had my daughter in pagents for about 3 years and believe it or not it really helps them improve on the way they talk and speak. It's like the Randy Pausch theory of "Head Fake!" They think their participating in something but they are really learning a great deal. Parents and people spend a lot of money prior to the winn of these types of venues. It's really an investment. One girl had been doing the same pagent for 5 years which would equal the amount that she would then winn at the end. :) Just thought I would give you an insight to someone who participates in these pagents. If you click on my website you will see the cute. National American Miss is a really great pagent to be involved in.


tracey said...

Thanks Andrea! (Cute pic of your girl, by the way.)

Syndi ~ I love the Barbie doll thing, that's too hilarious!

Jenece ~ Thanks for visiting, it's always nice to meet someone else with Behcet's! I have looked at your blog and definitely intend to look at it more. And thank you for sharing about the pageants. I think it's easy for someone who has no experience with them, like me, to make quick judgments on them, so I am glad you took the time to share your own experiences.

Shellie said...

Keep the Miles stories coming! We love to hear them, but we still like your opinions on things too.

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