Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Late to bed, early to rise

I've talked before about Miles walking out of his bedroom and into mine when he's supposed to be napping, and what a strange sight that is to see. It's only that because Miles does so well at staying in his room -- and his bed even -- until we come to get him after his nap or in the morning.

Imagine mine and Casey's surprise when we saw our rumple-haired little boy walk into our bedroom at 10:15 p.m. last night! He was blinking and smiling, giving his usual 'Hi Mama!' greeting as he walked in. I was shocked, of course, and he saw that and stopped smiling because I suppose he didn't understand. But he was just too adorable in that moment, and both Casey and I were just laughing and hugging and kissing him as he sat on my lap quietly, probably wondering at our wondering.

Casey took him back to bed soon after, and of course we assumed that this meant he might not be awake by his usual time. And guess what? We were right! Only he was up even earlier, and was at our bedside waking us up, patting first me and then Casey as he tiptoed around the bed.

Let me tell you, that kid took one good nap this afternoon!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Well...hurrah for good naps. :-)

My kids go to bed early - like at 7-8pm, but they're up by 6 every morning, NO MATTER WHAT TIME I PUT THEM TO BED. Ugh!

So they're slowly making me into an early riser.

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