Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sting First, Then Knitting

Last week I mentioned my nephew's 15th birthday. But just two days after that was another important anniversary -- 15 years since my first Sting concert. I joke that this date is how I remember Kaleb's birthday, and sometimes it is depending on how my memory is working at the time!

I still remember that concert well. It was a little more than two years into my Sting obsession, and I'd come to believe there was no way I'd ever see him in concert. Remember, this was before you could just grab your laptop/smartphone and Google ticket info. If you wanted a concert ticket, you had to either physically wait in line or call a box office phone number. So how did I find out about the concert? I saw a commercial on TV, and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets!

So anyway...there's more to that story, but I won't go into it this time. The point is, Sting isn't touring constantly. It's about every four years or so, but it can vary. Last year Casey and I saw him in Houston with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for his 'Symphonicity' tour. Probably our favorite yet, and I remember wondering how long it would be before I'd see him live again. Fortunately for me Sting will be celebrating his 60th birthday and his 25-year solo career in less than a month. So, why not go on tour again? All I have to say about this is, yay for me!

Okay, now a totally unrelated note. I'm considering trying out a new knitting pattern, but I want to know if anyone else likes this as much as I do. Have you heard of arm warmers? I think I had before I saw this pattern, but forgot about them. But when I saw the photo I thought they were adorable. Would you wear them? I'm actually thinking about school color arm warmers, but also just fun color arm warmers. Let me know what you think, and please be honest! Click here for the link.


Jami said...

I have to comment about the arm warmers. Last year, some friends of mine went to Canton Trade Days and came back with some and I have wished many times I had some as well.

There are times when I have on a short sleeve shirt and my arms get cold and I don't want to wear a jacket for whatever reason and I don't want to or am not in the position to put on a long sleeve shirt -- I wish I had some arm warmers I could keep in my car for such occasions.

So, yes, I would wear them. I even saw some this summer at a PTA convention called "spirit sleeves." Wish I had bought some there, too, but it was so hot this summer, I didn't want them then. :-)

Hope you are doing well. I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up-to-date with you, Casey and Miles!

tracey said...

Thanks for the feedback Jami! I think the arm warmers are so cute, I am sort of working on a pair now to see how they look. Thanks again!

VmarksTheSpot said...

Alas, I know I would probably never knit arm warmers for myself because I know I'd never wear them. I would, however, be open to the idea of leg warmers! :-) Plus my workplace is so cold, nothing but a proper sweater would do. But I do agree arm warmers are super cute. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics! :-)

tracey said...

Hey Vivi! I think there are actually baby leg warmers out there...not sure if they have them for adults, but who's stopping you from making a pair, right? :) Also, I am super-impressed with the hoodie!

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