Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Light, fish and clouds

As I have many random thoughts running through my mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to post...

Since finishing Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On (Stormie Omartian) -- actually, before I even had it finished -- my mind and heart have opened up in a new way. I am going through a new phase of spiritual growth that is both exciting and painful. Exciting because I am seeing things in a new way, and because God is giving me a longing for more of His Word. Painful because, well, any kind of growing is painful. I am learning to let go of some things, like the way I want things to be, the way I think things should be...and so on. I struggle and will probably continue to struggle with the way I want to be and the way God wants me to be.

Miles continues to bring joy to my heart. He has stepped up the defiance level a bit -- I guess he's aware that he'll be a year older next month (yikes!). That stubborn streak comes straight from his mama. For now we've given up the potty-training. He's just not ready. But before that happened, he managed to earn a few prizes including two goldfish named Nemo and Finny. We had them for nearly one month, and were due to change out the water in the bowl the other day when I took a look and didn't see Nemo swimming around in there. Instead, I saw him floating amongst the fake plants. I was sad, but more for Miles, and wondered how we would explain this. Casey scooped Nemo out with the net and let Miles say goodbye before he flushed him. Miles wasn't bothered at all, just said, "bye!" and continued watching Finny. But later on he asked, "Where's Nemo?" I told him that Nemo had gotten sick and had to go away. He asked again later, and I told him the same thing. Since then, we haven't heard about it. Casey is wanting to get a new goldfish tomorrow, so I'm thinking that will either stop all the questioning or bring up new ones.

This weather is crazy! And it's wreaking havoc on our allergies and sinuses. I think Casey and I take turns with who will be sneezing more on a given night. We never seem to be suffering at the same time, which I find very strange. I guess our allergies are slightly different. Anyway, yesterday we had a gorgeous warm day, temperature in the 70s. Today? Cloudy skies and 40-degree weather. Yuck. Thankfully it will warm up a bit, to the 60s, but will continue the cloudiness. My mom is visiting starting tomorrow, for just over a week, so I was hoping for beautiful spring weather. I guess we'll be Wii bowling more than I thought!

I thought I had way more thoughts to work with, but those are the only ones that surfaced for now. Cloudy days make for cloudy minds...yeah, I just made that one up. I wouldn't quote it if I were you.


Sally-Anne said...

RIP Nemo.

Sarah said...

We had the Nemo experience here too. Only, it was more than one fish, and they all died on the morning of my boys' 4th birthday, the day we were wanting to surprise them with it! :-o

Glad Miles wasn't too traumatized.

tracey said...

Thanks Sally-Anne!

Sarah ~ Whoa, that is way worse!! That is, like, the worst timing ever. =)

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