Thursday, April 03, 2008

Free Hugs: Rebels For Christ in West Virginia

Lately most of my time has been spent in front of the computer, but obviously not to post on the blog! I've been entrenched in video editing, something I have come to enjoy so much. I guess it sort of goes along with my photography work, but I really do like the cutting and pasting of clips, pulling audio and adding it to a title page, adding music to a clip and making sure that one note hits at just the right time...good stuff.

I have mostly finished editing the footage from our campus ministry's trip to Morgantown, West Virginia (still working on the outtakes portion, but already gotten lots of laughs from Casey, who has seen what I've done so far). After watching all that video over and over again, I actually felt like I had been on the trip with that group of students. There is plenty of hilarity in there, but also some very heartfelt moments, which is my reason for writing today.

Two days ago I posted a video on YouTube from just one of the seven days they spent traveling or working there in West Virginia. Day six was spent on the campus, where the Rebels For Christ did their own version of the 'Free Hugs' campaign -- something started a while back by one guy and since then it has pretty much been everywhere. Casey picked the perfect song to add to the video, and thankfully I love it because since I had to listen to it so many times it has not stopped running through my head! If you would like to see our students giving out free hugs in West Virginia, just click here.

Added later: You can also just click on the top YouTube video in the sidebar to the right...I just saw that I could put that in today!


Leah Maria said...

What a great video!

tracey said...

Thanks Leah! =)

Anonymous said...

You did such a great job matching the music. I loved this video. Made me feel warm inside. :)

tracey said...

Thanks Joy(ous)! =) You're a sweetheart.

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