Friday, April 04, 2008

If frogging my knitting is wrong...I don't want to be right

I can't really think of anyone else who will read this and be as excited about it as I am (except maybe Vivi), but...I am finally getting the concept of double knitting -- woohoo! For some reason I will get it in my head to try a new pattern, and usually it will be something I want to give as a gift. Not only that, but oftentimes this new pattern will involve some kind of knitting technique that I have never tried before. I've been knitting a little while now, but I'm only just starting to get more and more outside my comfort zone of, well, scarves and such. I haven't made it to full-blown sweaters, but that time is coming (and I have just the pattern when it does!).

So I was looking up a certain theme -- which I can't reveal at the moment, just in case the person reads this and figures out the gift is for them -- and found a plethora of patterns. But only one really caught my eye and I knew it was perfect. However, it involved the aforementioned double knitting technique which I've never attempted. Now, I could actually knit this pattern without doing the double knitting, but it doesn't look near as cool (nor does it make me feel as cool, and isn't that what's important here?). So for several days I have been looking and looking...and looking on the internet to get help on this technique. I was sure at least two of my knitting books would have all the details, but no. I found different things, but I must be a very particular type of learner because it seemed like each set of instructions just wasn't helping. At one point I was sure I had the technique down in my head, but when I tried to carry it out with yarn and needles, I fell very short of the mark.

I think I started over no less than four times -- and I mean, I put in a good amount of time and effort on those beginnings -- only to have to frog all my work. In knitting, 'frogging' your work means pulling worked stitches out rather than going back stitch by stitch on the needles. It's called 'frogging' because what you have to do with your work essentially is rip it...which sounds like 'ribbit'...and that is the sound a frog makes. How clever is that? I've lost the attention of the non-knitters already, haven't I?

Anyway, getting back to my project. I finally had found a decent pattern online that really helped me grasp the concept. So I cast on my stitches and knit the first round. When I came to the second round, that's where it all started falling into place. I think in anything you are really trying hard to accomplish and struggle through until you finally get it, that moment is just so rewarding. So I thought I would share.

Now, let me get through the next several rows and make absolute certain I'm doing this thing right before I share anymore...

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VmarksTheSpot said...

Yay for frogging! I had to frog these wristbands sooo many times because I kept messing up. I think what keeps me from not frogging is the satisfaction of frogging and redoing the mess-ups and seeing what a difference it makes. Good luck on the project! :-)

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