Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sunshine. And rain. And sunshine. And rain.

Weather can be very human at times, can't it? As springtime approaches, we get so many mixed signals. There is such a moodiness about each week, like the sky can't decide what to wear. Should I wear sunshine today? Or should I put on a few of these clouds for a little downpour? All I know is that when that sun comes out and the temperature goes up a bit, we are out the door. Sunday was a beautiful day, one that makes you say, "C'mon Spring! You're almost there!" even though you know deep down it's going to hide away again until just the right moment. At least it gives us those glimpses into the beauty that is to come.

So, back to Sunday. First we had a baptism, which was awesome. I think that's the first time I've watched Casey baptize someone, actually. He had to run out the door soon after to give a ride to the person he just baptized, but came home a little later carrying some good home cookin' from Bofields! I'm talking chicken strips, fried okra, mashed potatoes, corn and rolls. The works. And the best part was that our little family sat out on the front porch enjoying the food and the sunshine together...Miles ran back and forth to the food more than sat, but that was to be expected.

Today was another nice day, so we went to Sonic for lunch and sat out on the benches instead of in the car or going home to eat. Miles sat there, swinging his legs and eating his fries and popcorn chicken (yes, we eat a lot of chicken). Then it was all about running once again.

Each year I grow to love spring more and more. I think I've always said that summer is my favorite season, but that is not true at all. As our lives have become more and more about going through our own winters of suffering and sadness to arrive at springtimes of joy, my appreciation for the parallel grows.

Praise God for spring!


Staci said...

such sweet pictures!! :) and your hair looks really good, kinda curly like that, trace!

Jolene said...

beautiful photos, Tracey!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I agree with the changing weather. I had that bit of hope Sunday, and then the cold weather hit. Spring is my absolute favorite...or maybe it is tied with fall!! :)

tracey said...

Thanks everyone!

Staci -- the hairdo was my famous 'braid the hair when it's wet' thing. Easiest hairstyle ever!

Hey Joy -- maybe you like fall the same way I do...I fell in love during the fall, and that's when you got married!

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