Monday, March 24, 2008


I like to bake. I like to eat baked things. I have been know, however, to make mistakes in my baking from time to time. Thankfully I can laugh about it.

Casey and I have recently discovered how much we love making (read: eating) the Hershey's chocolate chip cookies. Now, I don't know if you've noticed, but the recipe on the Hershey's bag is the exact same recipe on the Nestle Tollhouse bag. Interesting, because I do not like the Tollhouse cookies. They are flat and crunchy, whereas I like the dough to be more raised and soft. So is it the chips?

Anyway, we decided to grab a bag of semi-sweet chips on Friday evening so we could make the cookies, only the Kroger we visited didn't have any Hershey's chips! They had tons of Tollhouse, though, so I reluctantly grabbed a bag, vowing I would somehow make them to my liking. Note that at this point I was not aware that the recipes were similar. The evening was doomed from the start.

When Casey saw that the Tollhouse recipe called for baking soda he said, "Oh, that's the difference -- the Hershey's recipe uses baking powder!" He's more scientific than me, so I went with it. I was going to look it up online, but did I? No! And therein lies my downfall.

I was only going to substitute the powder for soda, but then Casey decided he wanted the soda because he likes the flat-and-crunchy cookies (and remember that soda was the correct choice anyway), plus he wanted to use all brown sugar rather than a combo of brown and granulated. So there I was (and already tired that evening), mixing two different batches of cookie dough, trying desperately not to get any of the measurements wrong. Both sets of dough were different than normal, but we each went ahead and mixed in our chips and prepared our cookie sheets. I was okay mixing the different batches, but it was up to Casey to get his own cookies in the oven, thank you very much!

Anybody want to venture a guess as to what happened? Casey's cookies rose higher than mine, and my cookies looked more dry and just...I don't know, wrong. We were both already disappointed, but laughing a little already, and then Casey said, "Oh, you know what? I'll bet it was supposed to be baking soda!" and at that point we were both hysterical with laughter.

Two separate batches of cookies, ruined. Just your typical Friday night.

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