Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Most Sentimental Cut of All

Just rolling along here, trying desperately to keep up with a little boy who is growing too fast for my heart...

Today we took Miles to the barbershop to get his very first haircut. Hard to believe that a kid wouldn't need a haircut for two years, unless of course you have seen him or his photos and the baldness that prevailed for that first year! Casey goes to Don & Dale's every few weeks for a trim, and so we thought we'd take Miles there as well and have Dale give him a classy 'do. Ever the record-keeping Mama, I was armed with video and still camera to capture this once-in-a-lifetime event...and I will confess without shame that I came very close to shedding tears. My eyes welled up a good bit, but I was able to blink the tears back and laugh it off, although it made me feel better when Dale said it was understandable. I like Dale.


Miles was pretty wary of Dale the whole time

But Casey distracted him with peanuts...

...for the most part, anyway!

See me in the mirror? I was smiling!

Can anyone say 'twinkies'?

Miles getting to play with the brush

But not liking it when it was Dale's turn!

After (mug shot style!)


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute!! I know it was bittersweet for you. He is stylin' now. :)
Love ya

tracey said...

Thanks Joy! I've adjusted well enough to the change many more to come! =)

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