Monday, February 04, 2008

Whatever you do, don't feed the kid!

You know your day isn't going to be all that simple when your child throws up on you...twice. Before 11 a.m. Miles woke up with a stomach virus this morning, poor little guy. I called his pediatrician's office to hear what I expected to hear: clear liquids, and this would probably last 12 to 24 hours. It's so strange, though, when as a parent you are supposed to take care of your child's needs, only to have a nurse tell you, "Don't give him any solid food today." I mean, okay, I'm going to follow the rules, but it's just odd to not give your child food for a whole day! I guess it's obvious that Miles has escaped the stomach virus thus far (thank goodness). As my immune system is not totally up to par, I am half-expecting to pick up this bug in the next day or so. But hey, you never know. And Casey shared a spoon with him this morning when eating cereal (of course, before we knew Miles was sick), but Casey gets sick so rarely that I wouldn't be surprised if some of his own antibodies had jumped onto Miles to fight this thing. Good ol' daddy antibodies.


Sarah said...

Awwww I hope he feels better soon! Don't worry about the food thing, it will give his digestive system a break not to have to try to work on digesting food and he will have more energy for his body to heal itself!


tracey said...

Thanks Sarah! He did better than I thought, and even held down some crackers and Pedialyte, so yay!

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