Monday, November 07, 2005

Rambling on

I have arrived at that point in the day when it is time for a mini-box of Milk Duds.

Saltine crackers that sit next to minty gum in your purse will taste minty -- you've been warned!

Husbands are a wonderful thing, especially when you are a poor, pitiful mass of pregnancy hormones.

If you give the cat one tiny little morsel one evening while you're preparing dinner, she will never forget. Every moment from then on, you will be in the kitchen and turn around to find her directly behind you...waiting for just one more.

The cat will, however, occasionally forget how to find the back door.

If you guess that Casey is fascinated with hearing about all of my pregnancy aches and pains, you would be wrong.

If you guess that Casey is very patient with hearing about all of my pregnancy aches and would be right.

Who would have guessed that the Paolo family would make it this far on Amazing Race?

Likewise, who would have guessed that Stephanie and Bobby Jon would have made it this far on Survivor?

Yes...I watch some reality TV. You know you've done it too!

There is a great feeling in knowing that someone chose you to call and talk to about their troubles. It's nice being a 'friend in need.'

My yarn hasn't arrived...why hasn't my yarn arrived?

One of my brothers will be here for a visit this week, from Thursday to Sunday!

I am excited to have this baby. God is good.


Sarah said...

Your enthusiasm for this baby is very catching.... lol
Love reading your baby blogs!

tracey said...

Oh, thanks! I'm guessing you're talking about the actual pregnancy journal I have linked in the sidebar. I don't update that all that often, but it's a fun thing.

Ruth said...

k so you KNOW why your yarn hasnt come yet.. its preparing you for the wait on your little one.. :)
sounds like you are doing sooo good tracy..
oh we shared some great memories when I was expecting .. remember? wish we were closer so I could see you

as far as reality tv.. I am a survivor gal.. i think bobby john is next

loved your post... you need to start taking pics and posting them of YOURSELF so we can see you growing!

tracey said...

Ruth, I know we shared lots of stuff when you were expecting Catherine, but the one thing that really stays in my memory is you always complaining about having 'a lump in your throat'. Remember that? =)

Sarah said...

TRACEY! I didn't even SEE the pg jorunal in the sidebar! Duh. THanks for pointing it out :)

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