Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rambling on, Part II

A comment was made by Ruth after my last post that I should be taking pictures of my growing self and posting them for all to see. Easy for her to say! Actually, I have been taking a weekly 'belly photo' -- but I will never post those on my blog. Never. I'm sure I'll take some other photos down the line, so I'll consider posting those. Besides, Ruthie, you will be seeing me in February, and by then I'll be showing quite well...isn't that enough?

Today I am 12 weeks pregnant. Now, most people would say, "Oh, that means you've finished you're first trimester!" You would think so, wouldn't you? But no. According to, well, everything I read, the second trimester begins at week 14. That means I have one more week to go. And while we're sort of near a subject, I will mention yet another pet peeve of mine. For example, I am 12 weeks today. That means that I have completed twelve weeks. Tomorrow, I will begin my thirteenth week. I won't say I'm thirteen weeks, but I can say I'm in my thirteenth week. My pet peeve is when people have already completed whatever week and still say they're in that week. Silly pet peeve, isn't it? Yeah, I know.

It's fun having a houseguest come to visit who has never seen where you live -- your new house, your town, nothing! My brother is quite an enthusiastic person anyway, and so I know that he will be easy to please. I'm not the best entertainer kind of person, and we haven't been here that long anyway, so I don't always know where to take a person. I pretty much just take them to places that I like and hope that they like them too! But Trevor loves football, so I think the best part is that we're taking him to a big college game Saturday, plus having a pre-game bonfire sort of thing at our house the night before with the college students. And when I say 'bonfire' I really mean 'campfire' -- but doesn't bonfire sound better?

Remember in my last post how I was bemoaning my yarns? Well, they arrived that day. They were probably sitting in my mailbox as I was typing. What's exciting about these two particular skeins of yarn is that they are the final two that I need to finish my scarf! So, in my spare time I'm knitting away, hoping to be done in time for the very coldest weather. Yesterday I said that I should just start wearing the thing around as I knit, because it's already close to being as tall as me, no kidding.

Ruth, do you really think Bobby Jon is next to go? I'm just not sure. I was hoping to see one of those crazy flip-flop moments last week that are so rare, but they are the best. I do enjoy the loyalty in the game, but it is a game, and there are times when one or two people could turn the entire thing around (remember Pappy and Neleh?), and when they choose not to or don't even recognize it, I am quite disappointed and I tell them so. What, you don't talk to your TV when you're watching Survivor?

Junebug has become cuter and cuter to me as the days go by. I can't explain it -- maybe it's a motherly sort of preparation thing. Regardless, it doesn't matter what she does (unless it's scratching me, which is pretty rare), I think it is too cute. And if you haven't been paying attention -- Junebug is the cat.

We have discovered that, not only is some other animal besides Junebug eating and drinking out of her bowl at night (not that we're surprised), it is a deer. A deer! The really cool thing is that we have been able to watch a mama doe and her baby cross right through our backyard. I've taken some pictures, but it's tough getting really good shots through the back door window. Still, it's a neat thing to have deer wander through the yard.

Number of Big Mac meals consumed in the past two weeks: 3

Number of non-Big Mac McDonald's meals consumed in the past week: 1

That first bite of a McDonald's french fry to a pregnant woman: priceless


Lori said...

Hi Tracey! Just wanted to drop you a note to say hello. You sound like you are feeling pretty good. Yesterday I had a Big Mac for the first time in probably years. I was just craving one. (No, not pregnant!) That is really cool about the deer. Has Junebug ever seen them do you think?

Sarah said...

Humph. I'm pretty sure I asked for preggo pictures before Ruthie.

Oh, and I'm trying to wrap my mind around your Big Mac revelstions -- I read it 3 times and don't get it? You had 3 BM meals in 2 weeks, but the next statement makes it sound like you had ALL BM meals last week except for one - unless you eat once every few days??? I'm just very confused and feeling a little slow :) Help!

tracey said...

Lori, I am pretty sure Junebug has seen those deer because they drink her water at night and she's out there! She watched them through the window with us one time and that was fun.

Sarah...I do eat every day, just not McDonald's! I had four McD's meals in two weeks -- three of them were 'Big Mac Meals' and one was another kind of McD's meal. Make sense now? =)

Sarah said...

Yes, kind of. :) lol

tracey said...

Okay, Sarah, I think I finally see where the confusion is. You are thinking that I'm saying 'non-McDonald's meals' when in fact I am saying 'non-Big Mac McDonald's meals' -- they are still meals from McD's, just not Big Mac meals. I should have been more clear. =)

Loni said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new little one. I know how exciting this is and pray for safety for you both!

Thank you so much for your notes on my blog and your encouragements. It's people like you that help us get through the day. The prayers of so many have truly upheld us. THANK YOU!


tracey said...

Thank you Loni, for visiting and for the wonderful note.

I am glad to have been able to give some encouragement. It is amazing to find a family like yours, willing to share so much grief but also so much hope. It is truly inspiring.

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