Friday, November 18, 2005

Oh baby!

The disappointing news is that we did not get an ultrasound done at the appointment this morning. Still, the doctor used a hand-held doppler and felt around for the heartbeat, which didn't take long. We heard the whoosh-whoosh-whoosh going right along. I asked Casey if he could hear it, and he could. There were also these occasional kind of knocking sounds, much louder than the heartbeat, and we were told that this was the baby moving around. It all happened about five hours ago, but I still can't stop thinking about it, and how wonderful it is...and how there is this person doing somersaults inside my body, but I don't even feel it yet. He or she is probably doing everything to get my attention, and I want to say, "I'm here, kid! I know you're there, and we'll communicate soon, okay? Just hang on!" Don't tell the doctor, but just before he walked in I gobbled down a mini-Snickers. I think that's probably why the baby was so active.

Our next visit is on December 14, the day before I am 17 weeks. That is when we'll have our next ultrasound. Four weeks sounds like a very long time, but it also sounds very close. It's so hard not being able to see what's going on in there! The baby is probably thinking, "It's so hard not being able to see what's going on out there!"

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