Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Playoffs and pregnancy don't agree

Casey created a monster out of me last year when he started watching the Cardinals in the playoffs. Well, here we are once again, only this time I am almost nine weeks with child and my body is crying, "Sleep! Sleep!" before I even make it home from work.

So last night was Game 5 between the Cardinals and the Astros (in case you don't watch), and I found myself caught up in the action once again. Eventually, I had to break free to get ready for bed. I was really, really trying to get to bed at a semi-decent hour this time. By 10:20 or so, I was in bed with the little TV muted, as I could hear the TV going in the living room, where Casey was watching.

The excitement of the game won over sleep. Casey came into the bedroom to watch the final inning with me. The Cardinals were in a sad state -- the Astros were already ahead in the playoffs 3-1, and the score of the game was now 4-2. With two outs in the top of the ninth, Casey and I had very little hope left. My head was on the pillow, and I was ready to turn the television off as soon as David Eckstein was called out.

But he wasn't. That crazy guy got a single! I was up off the pillow, even though hope was still just a tiny glimmer. And then something super-crucial happened -- they walked Jim Edmonds. What?! Didn't they know who was on deck? Albert Pujols had been disappointing us all evening, so now was the time to redeem himself. We kept saying, "All he has to do is knock it out of there and they'll be ahead!"

Oh, what a sweet moment that was to watch the ball fly high and out, and to see good ol' Albert jogging around the bases. Casey and I hooted and hollered and high-fived, and then watched happily through three more outs. There will be a Game 6!

I don't know how many of my readers, if any, watch the playoffs or even cheer for the Cardinals. I really just wanted to share mine and Casey's excitement over the last-minute turnaround of the game. My only question now is...how will I ever get any sleep if we make it to the World Series?


Lori Ann said...

die hard Cardinals fan here in the great Northwest, transplant from St. Louis! Go Cards!

Ruth said...

sorry you dont have to worry about getting sleep during the world series now.. needless to say Joel and I were jumping up and down that the Stros won! both being from houston area we grew up watch Nolan Ryan, Cruz, and the two Bs I just cant believe they finally made it. I must say for the Cards fans it was neat to hear them clap for the Astros after the game.. what great fans.. If anyone knows what its like to loose its Astros fans..
So I guess it has all worked out like it should.. you will get the rest you need, unless of course Casey has converted over to an Astros fan! :)

CONGRATULATIONS! The kids walked in a few days ago and told us you guys were "gona have a baby." they are so excitted!
Love and miss

tracey said...

Thanks, Lori Ann!

Thanks Ruthie! Aww, that's cute that the kids are excited. Makes it that much harder to be far from them, but Christmas will be here soon!

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