Thursday, October 20, 2005

In this post, I'm not even going to say the word 'pregnant' -- oops!

By now you've heard the news. I found out when Casey came into the bedroom last night not being exuberant (I went to bed nearly an hour earlier). It's between the Astros and the White Sox now, and I will officially be able to get more sleep without worrying if Yadier is going to make another crazy throw to first while lying on his back, or how many times 'Eck' is going to whirl that bat around before finally bringing it up to his shoulder. Needless to say, it would have been a really awesome comeback, but it is over for now.

What's on my mind lately, you ask? Oh, just a perfect little candy bar from the UK. You can order them in the States, at places like
this. My mouth has been watering lately for something called a Crunchie. We had them as kids in Rhodesia, but I remember them more from the times my grandmother would send a few over at Christmas. That was back in the old days, when you couldn't order stuff on a computer.

Anyway, I aim to order a few of these little things soon, possibly along with
some of these and some of these. Seriously, I can taste them already. I'm not calling it a craving, maybe just...okay, it's a craving. I think UKGoods will just call it 'money in their pocket.'


Sarah said...

Crunchie is only my FAVORITE candy bar, ever. I also love Smarties. :) Grew up on 'em.

I have found Crunchie here in the US. At Central Market (or if there is some gourmet, specialty grocery store in your area...) and at a tiny dinghy neighborhood grocery store in Portland where we used to live.

So keep lookin'! Hehehe.

tracey said...

How neat! Wow, it's really hard to find people that even know what I'm talking about outside my family. I think my parents used to get them at a Central Market type place. I did find that place online for now, so I'll just order from there until someone nearby comes through! Hey, did you know that there was a place in Abilene that used to sell Violet Crumbles? I don't know if they still do, but I might stock up when we go to Lectureship! =)

Sally-Anne said...

You can get stuff like this (Flake, Violet Crumble, etc.) at World Market. Have you one near you? I go there exclusively for the Cadbury's!

tracey said...

Hey Sally-Anne, I checked it out, but they're almost 200 miles away. Doh! I'm going to order some online from the UKGoods place, because they have pretty good prices from what I see.

Sally-Anne said...

Oh, too bad there isn't one near you! One just opened up literally a mile from my apartment. I can send you some if you tell me what all you want.

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