Thursday, October 27, 2005

More dreams

Did I mention? I had another crazy dream last night. Who knows if this is related to baby stuff, but I was trying to bake a three-layer birthday cake for my father-in-law. Why, I have no idea, but every time I looked at the cake it was more and more miserable. I ended up (in my dream, mind you) going into a complete rage, hitting my fists on the counters and not feeling like I had enough air to breathe. Maybe my face was stuck in the pillow.


Lori said...

I had the wildest dreams when I was pregnant with Evan! I remember one time trying to literally kick Harold out of the bed.

Hope your "whenever it happens to hit" sickness is done soon. I have read, though, that having morning sickness is the sign of a health baby!

tracey said...

Lori, I hope I don't get that violent with Casey, LOL. =)

Yeah, I've heard that about morning sickness as well, like the worse it is, the healthier the baby. My mom had it really bad with all four of us and we turned out pretty well!

On a totally different note, are y'all bummed about the Cards not making it the World Series? I know you're somewhere in Missouri, so I just figured you were a fan. This year when we went I thought, wouldn't it be cool to run into Lori and Harold and Evan here? =)

Lori said...

We were very sad about the Cards! But we are slowly accepting the reality. ;) There's always next year!

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