Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Smell and Taste Institute has too much time (and grapefruit) on its hands

I really shouldn't have the access to the 'Most Viewed' news items on my toolbar, but I do, and thus I share with you. There is more below, as you can see, but first I had to share this little gem. I'm turning 30 this year, so I'd best get out to the fruit market!

What's new with the house, you ask? I really have been meaning to post some pics here at Trace Talks, but if you had dial-up at home wouldn't you be putting it off too? Anyway, last night was a big moment, because Casey finished the last hallway and trim work! Some of the doors still need a bit o' the paint, but it will all be done in time. Meanwhile, I am starting to design little plans in my head (or is that 'design plans in my little head'?) for our back patio. It's a good size, but not terribly pretty. We don't need lots of frills, but we are planning on utilizing it quite a bit in the campus ministry so I want to make it a little more inviting. Half of the yard is fenced in, and I know you are wondering why, so be patient and I'll tell you! The former owners had dogs, which were kept in there when not (yuck) in the house. However, there is the nice patio view onto the pond that we half-own, and fencing that in would have meant no more pretty pond views at sunset! That is why only half the yard is fenced. Now Casey and I are toying with the idea of taking down just one side of the fencing, leaving a sort of 'privacy' side up, but making the yard much more open for, I don't know, ultimate frisbee? Doubtful. Nevertheless, bring on the barbecue!

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