Monday, June 06, 2005

Okra Winfrey

Oh, where to begin? It has been a week since I last posted, much more than that since I posted on my photoblog! I think people were starting to doubt I'd be back, but here I am!

Casey and I are living a semi-normal life, and are now back at work with...regular schedules. That is, until we get home and continue the unpacking and painting that has become seemingly endless. I admit that Casey works much harder than me, but it turns out that I am able to work better in the evenings. Junebug is still exploring the house, has growled at the doorbell, and loves to watch me scrub out the freezer whilst she is perched on a stepladder. I think what was going through her little mind was, ", human, work until you can work no more!" (evil cat laughter ensues). It was either that or, "Now -- where was my food again?"

So the days have seemed to run into one another, what with all of the moving craziness (can't believe it's been a week!) and then trying to find that exact perfect place for the saran wrap. What?!? Yeah, of all the things in the kitchen, I moved the saran wrap about three times. And that happened to be the one thing Casey was always needing (for the paint brushes). I would hear, "Where is the saran wrap now?" It's been a strange week. But we did get hot water, carpet and -- drumroll please -- a DVR! The Dish Network people came on Friday and set everything up. My poor VCR is soooo jealous now. Hey, we gotta move with the times, people! Not really, because we still have dial-up and probably always will. I can live with it if you can. Oh, did I mention that I fixed something that the Dish guy missed? No, I'm not at all extremely proud of that...nooooo. Okay, I bragged to Casey quite a bit. And it's not like I fixed it when he was there. I didn't even know it was wrong until a day or so later. It was just that he had said we could view the VCR/DVD stuff on AV2 (are you with me?), but when I did that -- zilch. I checked the hook-ups, and wouldn't you know it? He had put the lines from the VCR/DVD player in the in instead of the out! Still with me? Well, I changed the wires, all the while giggling with delight because how often do you get to be smarter than the guy who is supposed to know all of the technical details? It was too much fun.

And speaking of this post title, I will have to humble myself now after that horrible display of gloating (sorry, Dish guy). The other day I was trying to tell Casey about something I had seen on Oprah, and as you might have already guessed, I called her 'Okra' instead of Oprah. Casey was not about to miss that mistake, and of course we both laughed and laughed...boy, some fried okra sounds really good right now. Man, I am hungry!

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