Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tales of a New Homeowner, Part III

Sorry about the complete lack of posting, but I am sitting on my bed in my living room, people! Maybe I should go back a little. Yesterday was our official "moving day" and thanks to a group of wonderful, hard-working folks we got everything over here in just a few trips! We will not get any carpet in until tomorrow -- hot water too -- so all of our belongings sit, at the moment, in the garage, living and dining rooms. It is a new experience for me, and I am one that likes to feel settled and at home, so this is a bit of a struggle. I promise I am not complaining! I think everyone just wants to feel like they are "at home," and when there's this kind of disorder that feeling doesn't come so easy. I am excited, too, because there is such a feeling of newness in this new chapter of our lives.

I plan on, at some point (next week?) posting some pics here of house stuff. Not a lot, mind you, but Sally-Anne and my dad have requested photos of the progress (can you call it "progress" when your clothes and mattresses are in the room that you should be dining in?). We also have a bird's nest in the eaves of our front porch, and now that the five -- yes, five baby birds are really growing I have some great photos to share. This morning I captured the shot I had been waiting for: mama bird feeding her babies. Wow, was that exciting! And let me tell you, Junebug was just dying to get out there. She stood at the door, tail swishing, while I took picture after picture.

I hope to post early next week, at the latest. Thanks for visiting!

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