Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Casey is back!

Casey was gone, you ask? Yes, Casey was in Argentina helping with our Let's Start Talking team. The other four will be there through the end of June, but Casey was only there for about eight long days. It seemed that way to me, anyway. Poor thing is jet-lagged, but he was smiling when I saw him at the airport, and started working on the house yesterday, and has already started again this morning. I am so thankful that he is back safe with me! I am also thankful for the volunteers that came out to the house yesterday and did so much great work -- thank you again!

I can't think of much to write at the moment, but I found this very neat quiz. Take it to see who you are!

You're Hobbes!

You're Hobbes. First of all, the makers of this quiz would like to congratulate you. You have our seal of approval. You are kind, intelligent, loving, and good-humoredly practical. You're proud of who you are. At the same time, you're tolerant of those who lack your clearsightedness. You're always playful, but never annoying. For these traits, you are well-loved, and with good cause.

Which famous feline are you?
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