Monday, May 23, 2005

Spoon Theory

I came across something today that I thought I would share. I have had many people ask me about Behcet's Disease (some pronounce it 'be-SHAYS', while others say 'be-SHETS' and yet others say 'BAY-sets'), and one of the answers I give them is, "It's in the same category as Lupus" because they are both auto-immune disorders. And if you have heard of Crohn's Disease, it is probably more closely linked to Behcet's than any other auto-immune disorder out there. I was, in fact, almost diagnosed with Crohn's. Anyway, I haven't really had a real sit-down with most people and really talked about the whole thing. Sure, I will talk about it and have no problem doing so, but you don't want to just rattle on and on about the pains going on in your body to everyone. I realize that people don't really want to hear all about it (besides, doesn't Casey hear about it enough?). But when coming upon this site, I thought I would link it here and let people see a very neat theory that someone discovered while trying to answer a friend's question. Granted, I do not have Lupus as this person does, but chronic illnesses can occasionally be explained together. And I would say I am at the very blessed upper end of suffering, meaning that I do not deal with a lot of the pain that others do. But now, if there are those who want to get a glimpse and understand my fatigue a bit better, here it is.

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