Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Junebug surprises all

Every pet owner has their limits and boundaries. Some, I think, have none at all. I'm not talking about you, just those other people, you know, who let their pets do whatever they want. Casey and I adopted Junebug from the shelter nearly two years ago, when she was just five weeks old. One of our biggest rules was "No Cats Allowed in the Master Bedroom!" That has been a hard and fast rule for two years, but it never stopped her from trying, no sir. Not even when we posted the rules above her water dish did she pay attention (readers: please realize that at times I tend to exaggerate for humorous purposes).

So when we moved into the new house and had new carpet installed, it seemed a given that, of course Junebug would not be coming into the master bedroom. I don't remember just how the conversation went, but somehow we decided that if we were home and we hadn't gone to bed, Junebug was allowed to go into our room. How did we get there? Especially after making that rule, like, the biggest rule ever. I just don't know. Did I twist Casey's arm? Bat my eyelids? Say pretty please (he wouldn't care for the cherry on top)? I think we really did decide this together, like rational, normal pet owners. It was "the talk" for us as pet owners.

"Should we let her come in the bedroom?"
"But what if she..."
"Well, then we'll just have to figure it out from there."

And there you have it. We have realized that, no matter how much Junebug tries to present herself as a cool kind of loner, she's really just very insecure and longs for acceptance into our human club. But then we were leaving our door open while we were at home, but still closing it at night. I have gone over this again and again with Casey, and his reasons all go back to their family cat when he was growing up. He was not going to be able to sleep if we let Junebug in and that was that. I believed him. But now the problem was that we would say goodnight and shut her out, and then would begin the meowing. It didn't last all night, but it certainly began again at first light.

So...the really big decision was made two nights ago to keep the door open at night. People, that is a big deal. We do not take change terribly well, so this was a big step. And we thought it was a big, bad step after Junebug kept making noise, jumping on the bed (she will never be allowed on the bed!), and then meowing at first light like usual. What is she, a rooster?

But last night -- here it is -- we kept the door open again, thinking we were idiots to try this once more. And wonder of wonders (as my mom used to say), Junebug did not make a sound! In fact, I found her sleeping on the stepladder this morning! Who knew that all this time, it was all about leaving that silly door open during the night.

One last note: For those of you who are parents, especially parents of small children -- I know what you are thinking, and so you do not have to leave me a comment telling me what you are thinking since I already know! Thanks, that's all.

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