Monday, May 16, 2005

Who turned off my voice?

The weekend proved to be a time of sickliness on my part -- not too bad, mind you -- and ended with me losing my voice. Ugh, I hate it when that happens. I opened the front door this morning to call for Junebug and what was supposed to sound like "Junebug!" came out more like "(Silence)-bug!" Pitiful. I even tried to do it again!

Last night, Case and I tested the paint colors we had picked out for the interior walls. They look nice! Casey was relieved, because when they mixed the paints at Home Depot, they all looked about the same to him -- white. But after getting a bit of it on the walls, then waiting just a bit, we could clearly see the differences in all three. And did I mention that we like them? All three colors? Woohoo! I was pretty nervous about it because I had picked out those colors, so if they looked bad it would be on me. And, okay, they are not these wildly brilliant colors -- they are quite safe -- but we are okay with that. We just wanted a bit of "neutral variety" within the house. And the names of the Glidden brand colors? Pristine Porcelain, Crisp Linen and Vermeer's Pearl. Now you really want to visit, don't you?

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