Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Day two w/out my coffee

Well, at the moment I've got a song stuck in my head that Jonny Lang performed the other night, a real hand-clapper called "I Believe", so you can imagine how hard it is to type in between all the clapping! Seriously though, I am feeling rather proud of my avoidance of the coffee. My headache eased after lunchtime, and I was doing alright. This morning I haven't felt near the same kind of pain, so hopefully it will ease off more each day. And people, there is still coffee in my house!!

Okay, I wanted to share a couple of funny stories. Before I start the first one, I have to explain that I am very easily frightened. I do not like to be scared, especially in the dark (Casey is totally aware of this, by the way), and I have a very active imagination. It usually gets the best of me -- even when I'm just trying to get across a dark room! I also have a very strange habit where I just have to have a drink of water right before I go to bed. It's like I become obsessed with my mouth being too dry. I can sometimes get past it, but the other night Casey and I had talked for a little bit and so I said, "Okay, I have to get one more drink of water." And I've done this before, but I asked him to just keep talking to me while I went to the bathroom sink to get the water. He was very helpful in this before, so why should I doubt him this time? Here is why: As I got to the sink, Casey said, "I'm your friend." (In his kindness he's still making fun of me!) And then, then he says, "And friends don't kill friends..." WHAT?!? I bolted back across the room as I said, "Why would you say that, why?" And we were both laughing hysterically, of course, even though I had just been scared out of my wits. By the way, Casey's response to my question was, "Well, friends don't kill friends!" O-kay...

Here's the other story. Last night I went to pick Casey up from Prayer & Praise, or P2, and we got to a light where you can only go left or right. We were turning right, and so we're just sitting there waiting, when Dave suddenly drives up next to us in the left-turning lane. Casey waved, and I turned to wave, but then I noticed that Dave had a green arrow so I pointed at the light. Dave did a sort of double-take and hurried through the light, but not in time to let the three or four cars behind him get through. We had a good laugh over that one. Thanks Dave!

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