Thursday, May 05, 2005

Day three, look at me!

For those of you who saw me with a 16-oz. coffee-looking beverage in hand at lunch today, that was NOT coffee! I was craving a hot beverage, and so I strolled into Uptown Coffee and ordered -- tada! -- a chocolate steamer. We'll call this "Tracey's new best friend" (just kidding, Case). And I was given the complimentary chocolate-covered espresso bean, but I chose only to eat the chocolate and then promptly spit out the bean, promise I did! I woke again to the blood-vessel headache thing, but the pain has waned (ooh, nice rhyme!). Boy, that steamer was nice. No, not anything like a latte, but steamed milk with chocolate syrup is awesome!

Our college students' spring banquet is this evening...very excited about that. I am sure our hosts will have a beautiful setup for us to enjoy the festivities. This is a wonderful time of year because the students are finishing up another year, but it is also sad because it means some will be moving on to the next chapter in their lives. When Casey and I moved here and he started his work as a campus minister, we were meeting all of these great young people and couples, and then it hit me that a lot of them are only here for school and don't plan to stay.

So the question becomes, do I form close bonds with people who will be leaving soon? For me, the answer is a simple yes. What I will gain in the several years of knowing someone here will far outweigh the sadness at seeing them go. My thanks to the RFC's for your enthusiasm, kind words and caring hearts!

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