Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And the pain, it is real

Speaking of musicians I like, Sir Paul McCartney is headed out on a US tour this fall. How cool is that? Yes, he may be 63 years old, but isn't that all the more reason to try and see him in concert? I for one, am impressed. You go, Paul.

Now faithful readers, if you will remember
this post from October, I lightheartedly talked about my effort to stop drinking coffee. Or to start drinking decaffeinated coffee. Or some such nonsense. Did it happen? you ask, on the edge of your seats. That would be a big NO. If anything, I seemed to have made a resolution in the past few months to insert a Starbucks radar in my head for those long trips into town. But I have wanted more and more to cut back, or give up as much as possible, on the coffee thing. I have one cup in the morning and more often another in the evening...and, okay, sometimes a latte in the afternoon if I'm very good. So I don't guzzle the stuff, but neither do I stay away. Yesterday I did a search to see what I could see as far as some motivation to drop the habit. Here is what I found, and let me warn you that it is not for the faint-hearted-die-hard coffee drinker. You will be called an addict, and you will probably feel bad about putting any coffee in your body ever again. But it was exactly what I needed. With hardly any coffee or Coffeemate left in the house, I bravely told Casey that no, we would not pick up coffee and its Mate along with the other groceries (this was yesterday). Last night I had some cran-strawberry juice with dinner, and then some milk with dessert after dinner. And there is still coffee in the house. This morning I had juice (again with the juice!) with breakfast. I took a pain reliever for the beginnings of the fateful "caffeine headache" -- do you know what that is, by the way? Caffeine constricts your blood vessels, and so when you don't have it, the blood vessels are able to open up like normal blood vessels and that is what causes the pain. I am feeling the non-constricted blood vessel pain as I type. Where are those pain relievers?

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