Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Giving up coffee is soooo easy...

...when you've just finished a mocha with whipped cream! Yes, I've decided to (sort of) give up coffee. I switched to decaf about two or three or more months ago. And not that coffee is this really bad thing, hence the "sort of" part of my declaration. I have a cup of decaf every morning, and then another almost every evening (Casey: "Almost every evening?"). My coffee is about to run out, along with my Coffeemate. When Casey went shopping yesterday, I told him not to bother getting anymore -- of either one. I don't know if either one of us believes that I can go without my morning coffee, but we'll see. And, going back to the "sort of" mention -- I will occasionally be picking up a mocha or latte at the downtown coffee shop. Wow, those things really pack a caffeine punch!

Alright, enough of that. We all know that the Cardinals and Red Sox are heading into Game 3 tonight, and the Cardinals are 0-2...boo. I'm not giving up hope, though.

Okay, another topic now. Let me ask you a question: Have you ever judged another person's heart? I did that this weekend, and worst of all, I judged the hearts of many people -- and they were complete strangers! Needless to say, I felt horrible later on. Even though none of those strangers knew what I had done, God knew. He is the only one who knows our hearts.

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