Friday, April 01, 2005

Delivery or Carryout?

I am going to order a pizza online today. Online. A pizza. What a world, huh? I know that I am "only 29" to some people, but I have my own I-remember-whens...

I remember when dialing a number meant turning a dial on the phone.

I remember when working on a computer at school (which I didn't do until I was ten) meant the tiny black
screens with the orange prompt. Ooh, the snake game!

I remember when Nintendo was so brand new and we had one because my brother earned it working all
summer. Our thumbs would get sore playing Tetris and Super Mario Bros. -- and the graphics on Super Mario Bros. 3 were so totally awesome, dude! A sidenote: My mom was really good at this stuff. She knew all the tricks and could beat a game in fifteen minutes flat. Pretty cool.

We never had an Atari, but I do remember that we had the pong game. Loved it.

I remember when I thought Full House DJ's hair and clothes were way beyond cool, and that I would
never, ever have her fashion sense and style. Never. Thankfully, I don't.

I remember when Back to the Future was in the theater, and my best friend Tamara and I saw it at the age
of nine, and that last scene was sooooo intense -- was Doc going to get that thing plugged in on time?!?

I remember when Growing Pains' Kirk Cameron was the cutest guy ever, and I thought I was so cool
because I had the same birthday as him (I thought it was a sign even though he was fifteen and I was ten). My fifth-grade locker was covered with Tutti Frutti magazine pictures of him.

I remember a time when nobody thought about kids bringing guns to school.

I remember when songs on the radio were actual songs and not all rap, and none of the words had to be

I remember when the whole family would sit down on Thursday night and watch The Cosby Show and
Family Ties, and they were clean AND funny, and they were the best shows on television.

I remember when the best thing to do as a kid was to go outside and climb a tree, just to see if I could climb
it, or ride my bike downtown -- no hands all the way there -- and split a milkshake with Tamara at the drugstore, then buy a piece of Superbubble with my sister's tip money.

I remember when things were much simpler...

...but hey, I couldn't have ordered pizza online back then, could I? =)

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