Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Time to stop and smell the roses

White rose

Thought I would share one of the many, many photos I took of the absolutely gorgeous roses Casey gave me for Valentine's Day. I wanted to preserve them much longer than nature would allow. Thank you again to my sweet husband Casey -- now we will enjoy the roses for as long as we live!

Update on my's a very long scarf, people. It will be four inches taller than me! So basically, it's getting longer, but I'm not even halfway yet. I will consider posting updated photos, then I'll probably put it off, and by that time it will be done. So, I'm guessing you'll see the finished product...later.


Edited to include this:
My "Faces" photo was not chosen as one of the top "noteworthy" pics, but thank you to all who voted anyway!

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