Thursday, March 24, 2005

The 2005 Photobloggies

I've recently finished voting on the 2005 Photoblog Awards. Wow, so many categories! Best Black & White Photography, Animal, Landscape, Abstract, Photojournalism...the list is quite extensive. Thankfully, there are only about five nominees per category (except "Photoblog of the Year"), and as I had only become familiar with a couple of the photoblogs in the last few days or weeks, it was much harder to make a quick vote.

Now, different kinds of photographic art will appeal to different kinds of people. I am going to give you some links of some favorites I'm sure I'll visit again and again, but that doesn't mean you will be drawn to them in the same way.
Daily Dose of Imagery is, well, very good. Make sure to look back through the archives because you don't want to miss anything, especially the time-lapsed photos! I've been looking through this one for the past couple of weeks.

One that I recently discovered, in just the past day or two, is A Walk Through Durham Township, Pennsylvania. There are some beautiful landscapes here! And today I discovered a photoblog (on the awards site) that I just couldn't get enough of, and that is Jinky Art. I love the design, the portraits, the's all so incredible. Started wondering, "Should I turn my blog into a photoblog?" Hmm...not sure. I guess it has been one a little bit lately, maybe because of the inspiration from these and other photoblogs.

Those are my random musings for today, folks. Hope everyone has a wonderful and joyous weekend. Travel safe!

Edited later to add: Ooh, look at my name at the very bottom of the can do that here.

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