Monday, October 18, 2004

Learning to wait -OR- "Patience,!!"

My husband is a very patient man. Very patient. He's married to me, isn't he?

All joking aside, I find that lately I am more impatient about waiting on certain things to happen in my life. Some of them are big and important things, others are small and fairly insignificant. I talk to Casey about it, and he always helps me. But it's difficult to put those things into God's hands, although that should be the first thing I do. I want to trust in His timetable, not my own. It's so hard!

This is something we all struggle with, I am sure, so that thought does give me some comfort. I invite you to share similar struggles -- with family, friends, and especially with our faithful Lord above, and may He bless you with patience and more trust in His promises.


Casey said...

You said some really wise and thoughtful things. I am proud of you for your spiritual insights. I love you very much.

Anonymous said...

I can relate Tracey! Don't know why it's so hard to trust his timetable, and turn to him first, but it is. Maybe we just rush things too much. Or maybe we really want to solve things ourselves.

From experience, I know it's difficult to wait on God to respond and act in some way, because I was going through a difficult or painful time, and I felt as if I could no longer endure it. But, boy! Was it ever worth the wait!

Glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles with impatience!


Lori said...

Oh, Tracey, I am the Queen of Impatience! You would think after 46 years on the earth, and over 25 serving God, I would have mastered the art of waiting. What I have found is just when I think I am getting better at being patient, my Father stretches me more in this area. I think it's because He wants me to always look to Him as my strength. I am daily grateful for the grace of God that helps us through each trial, big or little. (And sometimes the little trials can be just as tough!)

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