Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Proposal

Last Monday evening, Casey and I were watching America's Funniest Videos with Miles. I had stopped watching it for years but started taping it again last year because I thought Miles would enjoy it. He loves it. Since then, I've sent in two videos to AFV, one of Miles as a baby and one of our college students.

So, one of the many video clips we were watching that evening was a wedding video, and as we saw the couple exchanging vows, Miles turns to me and says, "Can we do that, Mom?" I clarified that he meant getting married, and he said yes. Then a pause as he looked at me very seriously and asked, "Would you?"

I turned to Casey and said, "He's proposing to me!" I've heard so many moms talk about having a similar moment with their little boys. Little boys' first love is their mama, and it is more sweet than I can even put into words. I have always wondered if Miles would talk about marrying me -- he has told Casey that 'Mama is my girl' and that sort of thing, but this moment...this was the moment.

So I told Miles, "That is so sweet, but Mama already married Daddy." He wasn't having that. "No, I'm going to marry you." Then he went on to say he was also going to marry 'tiny Sam' who is one of his best little girl friends he sees often at worship and they are very sweet together. She is just one year younger than him.

I thought I had it straight, but I decided to clarify: "So Miles, you are going to marry me, then you are going to marry tiny Sam?"


"But you can only marry one person."

"No, I want two."

That's an entirely new discussion for another day.

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