Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Angel

Sunday was a difficult day. Wait, that's an understatement. Sunday was a dark, dark day for me. Grieving takes you to dark places at times, but even in the midst of those times I know that I will come through it. I know that. Still, it doesn't change how hard grieving can be.

One thing that shook me out of it was Miles knocking on my door that afternoon, coming to my bedside and asking, "Mama, why won't you let me in with your sadness?" It was his simple and yet terribly insightful four-year-old way of showing me his love. I was torn and comforted at the same time.

So, don't worry about my grieving. It is healthy, it is necessary, it is a part of life. Plus, I have a little sandy-haired angel by my side who won't let me go very far into that 'darkness.' He's got a firm grip on my hand and definitely on my heart.


Lori said...

Oh my gosh Tracey! How amazing is Miles in what he said? I think God is going to use your little boy's life in a huge way. We are continuing to lift you up in prayer honey.

tracey said...

Thanks Lori. He is definitely an amazing little boy.

Matthew Kooshad said...

you're doing an awesome job at never ceasing to give effort in inviting those who love you into your sadness. even a greater job you're doing is how you're sharing the story God's allowed to develop through you! i'm very thankful to be privy to this story and be one of your prayer warriors :) -- by prayer, lifting you and casey up into the comforting arms of God.

recently, i've been holding onto the chorus of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40_QRjjAvTA ; keep on keeping on being transformed into Jesus' likeness, sister and brother.

peace and love,

Matthew Kooshad said...

on that youtube video, it's labeled as "bridge."

"And I know that You're with me
Yes I know that You're with me here
And I know Your love will light the way"

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