Monday, March 01, 2010

Slow to the Fast

I haven't been the consistent blogger I wanted to be. Look, we're in the third month of the year and I've posted eight times in 2010! No consistency here, folks.

I could throw out so many excuses reasons as to why I've been so neglectful of my blog, but we'd be here a while and frankly, I don't think you'd even stick around to read all of those reasons. (Read: BORING!) I did do something new this week, though, and for those of you who are not only my blog readers but also my Facebook friends you are already clued in.

I decided that I'd go on a Facebook fast for at least a week. Given that I didn't grow up in a world filled with internet, cellphones, iPods and such it might be just a bit easier for me to give up Facebook than, say, an 18-year-old. Still, with as much time as I spend on Facebook throughout the week, it's not going to be a simple task.

Why did I go on a Facebook fast? I knew that it would be good for me. Not that it's been really a bad thing, but I can't say that it's been greatly beneficial. I love keeping in touch with old and new friends...I just needed this break. That's a big deal for me to say and do that, because I am on the internet every day, sometimes for too long. So I don't make this decision lightly. And I'm hoping that without it I can learn to cut down my computer time permanently.

On a completely new topic, I'm still working on my training to walk the half-marathon in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I don't get all my training done during the week, but I am happy to say that just over a week ago I walked more than 10 miles! And yeah...I thought I would fall over by the end. Even though I was walking in the park, it was definitely no 'walk in the park'! Too cheesy? Sorry.

I'm sure by the time I get back to Facebook, something crazy will have happened and I will have missed it. That always seems to be the way. I'm okay with it though. I can always update my status in my mind.


Sally-Anne said...

I admire your strength, but I don't think I could take a week off Facebook! I mean, I wouldn't WANT to. OK, I did when I was on my honeymoon, but that's about the only time. :)

tracey said...

You could do it, Sally-Anne! Maybe you will on your second honeymoon. ;)

Sally-Anne said...

Indeed, I probably will. We're going on a big anniversary trip on which I will probably have little to no internet access! But I don't find it hard when in new surroundings like that. At home, in my everyday life, that's when it would be hard to give up!

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