Monday, March 15, 2010

The 'Like Usual' Story

A week ago last Sunday, we were sitting in the morning worship service like usual.

Miles began his whining about...oh, something or other.

Like usual.

One of us (Casey) got a little more irritated than the other about it.

Not like usual.

After listening to a bit of the whining, he grabbed Miles up and carried him out the door. Miles, certain that he was in for some trouble, turned on the waterworks.

You guessed it -- like usual.

Not gone very long, the two of them returned and sat down next to me. Still feeling sorry for Miles -- who had only received a stern lecture -- I gave him a consoling look with which he answered in an angry whisper: "I don't like you." Somehow, without having done a thing, I was the bad guy.

Like. Usual.


jmberrygirl said...


The retalliation methods of a small child are very limited. He didn't like the situation, of which you happened to be a part.


tracey said...

You're right, he knew I was in cahoots with his daddy. I'm still in a place where I can laugh about these things. I know he loves me, so most of the time it's actually funny. But thank you!

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