Monday, December 21, 2009


Today I begin something new, exciting I'm sure I won't think it's fun some or most of the time, especially considering the weather. I am joining (from afar) my friend Ruthie in training to walk/walk-run a half-marathon!

Ruth has been doing the running and marathoning thing for quite a while now. And considering she's a wife and a busy mom of three, that's very inspiring and gives me pause to think every time I have an 'I'm too busy' excuse for exercise.

Anyway, I saw on Facebook that Ruth was inviting other women to train for this half-marathon that's taking place in Dallas in March. Two key things for me were the word 'walk' (because I will want to mostly be a walker for this!) and the fact that, although Ruth is training with the women where she lives, she's okay with others of us doing a 'virtual' training with them. I'll even be doing the half-marathon here on my own instead of in Dallas, but I know I really won't be doing it all by myself -- just knowing that there are a dozen or so other women with Ruthie walking or running in Dallas on that same day will be an encouragement.

What I love most about this training is that Ruth has been sending out emails with inspirational videos and pep-talks -- she even started a blog just for this half-marathon training (click on her name in bold near the top of the post)! Another huge help is that she sent out a training routine, but broke it down for walkers, walk-runners, run-walkers, and runners. I'll be focusing on the first two, probably the walking most but I'm going to try to get some running in there. At least I'll stay warm!

Here's what my schedule looks like for this week:

Monday: 30 min walk Moderate Pace
Tuesday: 30 min cross training (anything but walking)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 30 min walk Moderate Pace
Friday: 30 min cross training (anything but walking)
Saturday: 3 miles (Conversational Pace)

Monday: 32 min walk 3 mins run 1 min Moderate Pace
Tuesday: 30 min cross training (anything but walk-run)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 32 min walk 3 mins run 1 min Moderate Pace
Friday: 30 min cross training (anything but walk-run)
Saturday: 3 miles walk 4 mins run 1 min

This is the kind of physical challenge I've been wanting to try for a while, I just didn't know what it would look like. I'm so glad Ruth is helping others out and inspiring them. Thanks Ruthie!

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Ruthie said...

wooowhoooo tracey! I am so excited for you! YOU are going to do GREAT and its going to be so very exciting to go through this all with you :)
:) "Your gonna cross that line!!"

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