Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fiddlin' Rooster Farm

Last Saturday, Miles and I visited the Fiddlin' Rooster Farm with a big group from our church family. It was about 20 miles away and well worth the trip! There were lots of animals, activities, and sights to see.

One of the first things we did was check out the adorable little baby goats. I think this was the favorite of most of the kids there. They made more than one trip back to the goats.

The pig races were pretty entertaining. Before each race, different colored bandannas were handed out to the kids, and the bandanna that matched the one 'your' pig was wearing was the one you were supposed to cheer to win. The pig wearing the blue liked to stop and munch on the grass a little too often.

I don't remember the chickens and rooster making Miles nervous, but he sure looks it here.

Ah, the corn...just climb into a huge sand -- I mean, cornbox and have a blast! Miles was more cautious than the kids in the background. He preferred sitting on the sidelines and watching. Plus, every step you took in there filled up your shoes with corn. He didn't like that so much. Oh, and the kids in the back are burying one of the dads. They had way too much fun with that.

Although I cropped and straightened it, Miles did take this photo all by himself. I was nervous being on the other side of a wall while he held my camera in his hands...but he did really well. That smile on my face comes from seeing a three-year-old hold up a Nikon camera, look through the lens and click the button. It was hilarious.

The 'duck races' were a long line of water pumps where the kids would push rubber ducks down a trough using old-fashioned elbow grease. I was really impressed with how Miles stuck to it and really worked to get the duck all the way down the line. He was serious about this one.

The cow train. Miles kept calling it the 'cain trow.' He got it right half the time, though. A big thanks to our friend Daniel for taking all photos of Miles and I together. I think the reason I'm laughing so much in this picture is because we haven't been over the super-bumpy part that still has my back hurting. Looking at Miles' face, though, it was all worth it.

On our way to the corn maze.

Looks like Miles is in a corn ad or something. Actually, we were just in the middle of the corn maze and when he picked up a piece of corn and I quickly took the photo. I love this one.

Miles and his buddy Isaac (whose dad took the photos of me and Miles) taking one last look at the baby goats. They were friendly little animals, so sweet with the boys.

Big swing-and-tunnel thing. You could either crawl through it while it was swinging or sit on top. Miles was not about to crawl inside that thing, but we had a great time sitting on top and swinging for a while. Much, much better than the cow train. Very easy on the back.


andrea said...

That looks like a ton of fun! Miles is too adorable with his big handsome smile! The pictures of you two together are precious.

jmberrygirl said...

Awesome fall fun! Nothing like time spent with church family on a FARM! I'm a little jealous. He looks just like you in some of those pictures!

tracey said...

Andrea ~ It was fun, and thanks!

Jen ~ Aside from the mud, it was a really good time. I think Miles and I looked more alike because our jackets were the same color! : )

Anonymous said...

I like the look on his face when operating the pump. I love those with both of you in them.Love and kisses.Dad

Luke Family said...

My FAVORITES are of you & Miles on the train ride. So beautiful & they make me smile right along with you.

tracey said...

Thanks Dad...yes, he was very serious about those duck races!

Joy ~ I think that's what most people are family liked seeing me smile. : )

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