Wednesday, September 09, 2009

More from Holy Experience

I've pointed to this blog before, long ago, but Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience never ceases to draw me in with her words and ponderings on The Word and what it is doing in her heart. She always finds a way to motivate me, and sadly I haven't kept up with her blog for quite some time. I think the last time I was reading it on a daily basis was right before Miles was born.

I wanted to share one particular post, where Ann speaks of journaling as a spiritual discipline. Her suggestions are very simple but very helpful. I hope you are able to draw from this as well and use it to grow closer to God. Click here to read the post.


Tammy Short said...

thanks Tracey. I have drawn a lot of encouragement from the Holy experience blog as well over the last couple of years, and I was introduced to it by your blog. So thanks for sharing :)
Tammy S.

tracey said...

Wow, Tammy, thanks for sharing that! So cool that you found her blog through mine. That's what it's all about. : )

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