Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome Back, Kotter...I Mean, Students!

I was doing so well blogging (almost) every day there for a short time...then we had the possible-surgery scare happen...now we're deeply entrenched in 'Welcome Week' activities. Welcome Week is basically the first week of school, but our campus ministry plans a different activity for every day. It is tiring, but so much fun. Like the time we had our version of The Amazing Race -- that was awesome and hilarious.

Yesterday's activity was simple but always popular: handing out free pizza on campus. This year was really mild compared to last year's feeding frenzy. Still, every slice was gone by the end. Who doesn't want free pizza? And then to top it off, the student life folks starting handing out free ice cream just yards away from us right as we were packing up to go! Can you say serendipitous?

Tonight will be one of my favorite times, only because we are playing ultimate frisbee after our free cookout. Somehow that game has become what we do at almost every gathering and retreat. Thank goodness I took those frisbee-throwing lessons from my husband when we first moved here! I still remember two years ago, playing ultimate on campus during Welcome Week, one of our then-freshman guys remarking that I played the game 'like a boy,' and what a big compliment that was for me. And I had only been one month out from a major abdominal surgery at that point! So...not bad.

Tomorrow night will be our first Bible study of the school year at the Alpha Omega CSC (Christian Student Center), followed by free ice cream. One of the nice things about The Well (our coffeehouse) is that we also have one of those big ice cream...things at the end of the counter. What are those things called? Anyway, you see them at ice cream places all the time and you look through the glass to pick your flavor. You know what I'm talking about.

Thursday is free barbecue (are you catching on to our 'free food' idea yet?) and 'capture the flag' -- I don't think I've played that game since church camp many, many years ago. Not sure if I'll join in or just take pictures from the sidelines. Probably that last one. It depends on how much I'm hurting from ultimate after tonight.

Speaking of taking pictures, this will be the first year that I make a slide show of our Welcome Week activities. I've always (when I was able, anyway) taken pictures at these events, but Casey suggested a slide show viewing this year at our Sunday night BIG dinner welcoming back the students. Even though putting together a slide show in just a day or so is not the easiest or least stressful thing to do, I always enjoy it by the time it's done.

Welcome back, students!

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