Friday, June 12, 2009

Minty Miscommunication

This morning Miles was at the kitchen counter getting his star stickers for potty-training. Then he started asking me to 'put choke here' and was pointing at something he couldn't reach at the back of the counter.

" 'Choke'?" I asked, not understanding what he was asking for.

"Yes, choke, choke!" and he kept pointing.

"Show me, point to what you're asking for," I told him. At the same time, I was wondering why he would say the word 'choke' and think it's a thing. Very confusing.

But then I got it. Miles was pointing to a group of peppermints that he and Casey got at their Sonic visit last night. I've never told him specifically, "these are peppermints" -- all I've said when he's asked for them before is that he can't have them because I'm afraid he'll choke on them. So of course, he only knows them as 'choke'. I've laughed several times over that one today. The ideas and words that come from his mind never cease to entertain.


Lessons in the Little Stuff said...

Lol...that's so cute!

tracey said...

Thanks -- and thanks for visiting!

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