Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gets me every time

Parents, you know it happens. You're trying to discipline your child, and they do something that is either cute or hilarious and you crack a smile. And usually by that time you can't help it and you start laughing.

Miles does this thing lately when we tell him 'no' that seems to get funnier each time he does it. And now, unfortunately, he knows that I can't keep a straight face and he uses it to his advantage. All he does is pound his fist into his open hand. Where he got that, I honestly have no idea. But when a tiny little person does that in actual anger...I'm sorry, but it is hilarious to me. It's as if he thinks I will be threatened by it, and the look on his face is priceless.

Twice now, I have nearly exploded with laughter during worship service because of this. I have tried to turn away so he won't see me laughing, because yes, I know he shouldn't be acting this way. But now that I think it's as funny as I do, it makes it all the more difficult to keep myself from laughing.

Last night, our little family was sitting around the dinner table eating yummy baked potato soup. Miles had eaten a few bites and was no longer interested (In his own mother's cooking? What?!?). He was told that he would have to sit there and eat more before he could get down from his chair. Immediately the scowl came over his face, and his little fist pounded his little hand. I smiled at Casey in an attempt to hide that I was smiling about what Miles had just done. But Miles had already caught on and started laughing...I couldn't hold back and started laughing myself. The more I laughed, the more Miles laughed. And he has this new belly laugh that goes on and on and is so contagious that eventually I was crying with my laughter (my belly literally aching) and Casey had joined in as well.

It was all over much too soon for Miles, who kept telling me, "Mama, do it again...I want funny!" meaning that he wanted us to recreate the whole entire laughing scene. If only I could. I would bottle that moment up and reopen it all day long.


Syndi said...

What a cute story! That would be hard to keep a straight face. Elena does this thing when she thinks something is funny where she slaps her hands together and throws her head back. It makes me think she should be saying, "Hot Dog! That's funny!" And I just realized, do normal people actually say "hot dog." I'm realizing that it is probably my parents euphemism for something else! Anyway I was smiling just thinking about your table story!

Shellie said...

You tell that very well. It's like I'm sitting there at the table laughing with you. It's even harder not to laugh when it's not your own kid! Thanks for sharing!

tracey said... always you crack me up. Yeah, I don't know that a lot of people normally say 'hot dog!' Regardless, the stuff about Elena is very cute. =)

Thanks Shell! I'm sure if you had been sitting at the table you would have been in trouble for egging him on...which reminds me, when are you coming for a visit? =)

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