Monday, September 22, 2008

John, Sarah, Barack and Joe

Happy First Official Day of Autumn! Or rather, Happy Fall! Although that sounds more like I am about to trip you as you walk past, and I'm really not...I promise. Even if it would look kind of funny when you stumble and I might be stifling a laugh as I ask, "Are you okay?" and then our friendship (or blogship, as the case may be) might be on thin ice, and then who knows what would happen? So I'll just stick with that first greeting.

I'm really not one to be giving out info about my last name, where I live, how often I clean my bathroom, etc. but...I just have to share this bit of news: the very first 2008 Presidential Debate will be held this coming Friday, as I'm sure you are aware. But that's not the interesting part. It is being held in the very town where we live! Is that not totally crazy? It's not like I'm all that into the debates, although I do watch what I can, but the fact that the candidates plus, oh, about every media person will be here this week is so weird to me. And Tom Brokaw will be speaking on the university's campus the day before the debate...Tom Brokaw.

Now, we won't nor have we ever had a chance at seeing the debates in the building where they'll be held, because as far as I have heard they only made the tickets available to university students. The neat thing is, there will be an all-day festival held just a short walk away where MTV's Rock the Vote will be doing...something, and I'm sure there will be tons of interesting things to see and lots of good food to eat, so we'll be at least visiting all of that. And maybe trying to see if we can spot Mr. Brokaw playing in the Guitar Hero Tournament. Yes, you heard me, the festival will contain a Guitar Hero Tournament! And no, there is no way I am partaking -- although after borrowing a friend's Wii version I am quite good on the medium level (I really like 'La Grange,' 'Barracuda' and 'Lay Down').

So that's our latest little excitement. And also, you will now know where I live, but don't expect me to go mentioning it by name. It's just a weird thing I have about giving out that info -- and yes, I'm aware of the irony and I don't care. Especially if I get to meet Tom Brokaw.


Jenece said...

Cute post! The first paragraph was funny. Maybe you can get an autograph. Have fun, don't eat too many bad food...not good for Behcets.

Take Care,

Shellie said...

I like the new look! That is awesome that your town will be in the spotlight for a few days. Will some of the expert students be participating in guitar hero?

tracey said...

Thanks Jenece! Good advice, too. =)

Shell ~ Thank you! Yeah, it's craziness here...not sure that anyone I know is in the tournament, but that would be cool.

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