Monday, February 25, 2008

Walkin' on sunshine

Temperature outside today: 65 degrees

Clouds in the sky: None

Watching your son run laughing in the park when he was
in the hospital just four days ago: Priceless


It was so much fun. Yes, it's always a little work getting somewhere -- hauling the big wagon into the trunk, out of the trunk, back into the trunk -- but totally worth it. Miles had a great time, I think especially because he was actually wearing short sleeves outside for the first time in a while. I had him all set up in the wagon: Pooh Bear, animal crackers, apple juice, book. Can someone please pull me around in a wagon at Lake Patsy?

After our walk (although I was the only one panting and puffing), we stopped at one of the picnic tables so Miles could do some actual running around. He stood by the table for a bit, not wanting to just run free for whatever reason. I kept saying, "Go, run! Have fun!" and then he was off, making circles around the table, laughing and giggling every time the wind rushed into his face. The best part of our little adventure was when a couple came by with their two adorable puppies, who of course could not resist Miles because his fingers were much closer to the ground and so much easier to nibble on. Miles was in that state of excitement that kids reach whenever there are any kind of animals nearby, and when they had to leave a few minutes later, he waved goodbye to both puppies as if they were now his best friends.

It was a good day. We are blessed.

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andrea said...

Really puts things in perspective, huh? Plus puppies and sunshine are the perfect ingredients to help a kid feel better! Glad for and you for him that he is doing so much better!!

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